About Us

The Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters was established on February 23, 2000. Our country needed an organization, which would be able to consolidate all the people, who participated in the sacred cause of the defence of our motherland and who honourbly fulfilled the responsibilities assigned to them.

The structural basis of the Union is community association, which operates in 181 communities of the Republic. The Union has the youth wing “Hayrenyats Pashtpan” (Motherland Defender), which was established in April 2006.

On May 9 2013 a newly-erected building of the Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters was opened in the Renaissance Square.

On April 2 2016 a battalion was formed adjacent to the Union. One of the most important goals of the Union is to render financial and moral assistance to the families of dead soldiers, to their comrades-in-arms and to the families, whо have been through the war and have difficult social-living conditions.

The main goal of the Union is not only to support the freedom fighters, but also to contribute to the strengthening of the security of the republic and to the military-patriotic education of the new generation through its fruitful and purposeful activity.