Neighbourhood Clean-Up

On 20 April the members of the youth wing of the Union  together with the students of Artsakh State University went to one of the hills of Dashushen village where the Saint Cross is situated and did a voluntary clean-up of neighbourhood.It was  carried out according to plan and at the appropriate level.Such events have already become a tradition.

To the realization of this event contributed our compatriot David Antonyan who lives in Moscow. Although he lives away from Motherland but he never forgets his roots.Charity is also a patriotism. He is ready to do everything for the development of our homeland.The Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters is grateful to David Antonyan for support.

The clean environment provides many benefits. It heals us and helps us stay healthy. Our desire for a clean environment represents a powerful sense of destiny and hope for the future.Let’s keep our homeland clean cause every inch of our land was liberated by the blood of our heroes.