Members of ”Motherland Defender” organization Make Pilgrimage to the Monastery of Kataro

Recently ”Motherland Defender”, the youth wing of the Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters, with the support of the UAFF has organized a pilgrimage to the monastery of Kataro on the mountain Dizapayt of Hadrout region. 86 youngsters from Stepanakert and all regions of Artsakh Republic took part in pilgrimage.

Early in the morning Motherland Defenders with the aspiration to explore homeland started their journey. Half of the way the participants of pilgrimage went on foot. It was a quite hard way but due to their will motherland defenders reached the final destination. Such events have the aim of exploration of historical and cultural monuments as well as of having fun.

According to Andranik Grigoryan, the head of the youth organization of the UAFF, motherland defenders periodically visit the historical and cultural monuments of Artsakh.

According to him every Artsakhian should know the history of his country. ”The pilgrimage has purpose to unite all Armenians under one ideology and to strengthen the image of Christian. The pilgrimage also helps the youth to explore their motherland and become  more patriotic.”

Participant of the pilgrimage, Vahagn Aghabekyan, said that this is the first time he climbs to the Kataro monastery. According to him through such pilgrimages they get closer to the spiritual and cultural values of their homeland.

Motherland defenders were very impressed with the event.