Assistance to the Families of Freedom Fighters

The Union of Artsakh Freedom fighters is a non-governmental organization which unites the participants of war. One of the main directions of activity of  the Union is to provide material and moral assistance to the families of martyrs, invalid comrades in arms and to the citizens  in general who have gone through the war and have bad social living conditions. People apply to head of the UAFF for restoration of the health, apartment renovation etc.

During the last three months the head of the Union major general Samvel Karapetyan  in response to requests of 238 citizens allocated 17 million 534 000 drams as material assistance. Many families of  reserve officers of regional associations of Martuni and Hadrout obtained building materials for apartment renovation in total cost of 5 million 371 000 drams. Besides financial resources were allocated for the repair of the Hall of Fame of high school named after Gurgen Hayrapetyan in Vank village. The Union also assisted the construction of  memorial complex in Arajadzor village by allocating 2 000 000 drams.

The Union of Artsakh freedom fighters is always ready to support the families of freedom fighters.