Congratulatory Address of Major General Samvel Karapetyan in connection with the New Year and Christmas

Dear compatriots, freedom fighters and servicemen,

During 2018 we improved fighting ability of our army and strengthened the security of our country securing peaceful creative work and respectable life of our nation. Today Defence Army is stronger than ever. Freedom fighters are ready to stand in case of need with our soldiers. It is truly said “The deeper the people’s understanding of Motherland, the stronger their Motherland and patriotism.”

The freedom fighters have, indeed, great influence on strengthening of our statehood and Army, on development of our social life, as well as on the military-patriotic education of younger generation. The young “motherland defenders” are worthy descendants of their fathers who do everything to strengthen our Army and to develop our country.

We are grateful to all those who stand at the origins of the heroic Armenian army and who strengthen the security of our country due to their great patriotism and dedication. They didn’t save even their lives for the independence and freedom of our country. Let us bow our heads in memory of our martyrs.

Dear compatriots, freedom fighters and servicemen, I cordially congratulate you on this festive day and wish robust health and welfare. Let the new year be a year of victories and implementation of the inmost dreams and goals.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!