Summing up 2018

In 2018 the main goal of the activity of the Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters was to help and befittingly appreciate the freedom fighters. During the last year many national and local projects were realized. Members of the Union took part in various military-patriotic events organized in schools and military units. For the organization of such events in Regional and Community Associations of the Union was allocated 4.380.000 AMD in total. The Union continued to provide moral and material assistance to the families of freedom fighters. In particular, during 2018 860 freedom fighters obtained financial assistance for medical treatment in total amount of 66.320.000 AMD. With the help of the Union 41 freedom fighters have been treated in military hospitals for free. 987 freedom fighters with a group I or II disability obtained 49.310.000 AMD in total. By the decision of the Union many freedom fighters obtained building materials for apartment renovation in total cost of 26.237.000 drams.

The Union represented and protected interests of freedom fighters in Court, self-governing local bodies and other non-governmental organizations.

According to the decree of NKR President 369 members of the Union were awarded with state awards. 365 of them were awarded with the medal “For Service in Battle”, 4 of them the medal “For Liberation of Shoushi”. During the same period by the decision of the Administration of the Union 162 freedom fighters were awarded with the medal ”Motherland Defender”, 171 freedom fighters were awarded with diplomas. 43 freedom fighters obtained valuable gifts in total cost of 2.352.000 drams, 18 freedom fighters received cash reward.

It is worth noting the patriotic activity of the Union in social sphere. The largest project in this sphere is the building of Park of Freedom Fighters in Stepanakert. The Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters allocated 301.473.000 drams for the final work. All citizens as well as freedom fighters will enjoy the Park.

During the year the UAFF continued to cooperate with state authorities and non-governmental organizations. The Union tried to support them as much as possible. The evidence of that is the financial assistance of the UAFF to state and non-governmental organizations:

  • The Defence Army of AR — 7 386 000 drams
  • The Armenian Apostolic Church — 1 500 000 drams
  • “Maternity” NGO — 300 000 drams
  • For the memorial in the village of Arajadzor — 2 000 000 drams
  • For the renovation of memorial in Berdashen — 200 000 drams
  • The school of Vanq — 200 000 drams
  • The school of Azokh — 400 000 drams
  • For furnishing the office of the UAFF in Noragyugh — 200 000 etc.

“Center of Maternal and Child Health” of Stepanakert, many kindergartens and schools of Qashatagh region obtained toys and other appropriate things, many freedom fighters got clothes. In connection with the Women’s Day the members of the youth wing of the UAFF “Motherland Defender” gave flowers to the women and girls in the streets and congratulated them on behalf of the Union.

Being faithful to the motto ”Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”, the Union sponsors finances sport group “Karate Do” with 25 children being engaged in it for free. It should be noted that some members of the group have already won in different pan-Armenian competitions and are the centre of attention of the Administration of the UAFF.

The main goal of the Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters is the protection of our Motherland. The evidence of that is the Rapid Reaction Department, formed after April war in 2016, which is always ready to solve any military mission.

Summing up the results of the 2018 we can say unequivocally that all the planned projects were fully realized.