Congratulatory Address of Major General Samvel Karapetyan in connection with the 30th Anniversary of Soviet Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Dear veterans of the Afghanistan war,
Today we are proudly looking back to your martial route. You could not only take courage but also uphold high the honour and name of the Armenian soldier.
During the Artsakh war you were among the volunteers. You inspired young soldiers with your bravery and led them by example awakening their spirit of struggle. It is worth to note that you could put in your experience gained in fierce war of Afghanistan into the Artsakh war enjoying the love and respect of our Nation.
“Only those human acts are heroic that are beyond the power of the time and death”. I am sure that you continue to inspire the young generations strengthening their spirit, inflexible will-power and determination.
Dear compatriots and freedom fighters, today you are not only continue to develop our country but also contribute to the military-patriotic education of the young generation which is, indeed, the imperative of our time.
Honour and glory to our brave heroes who built the victories!
Honour and glory to the Armenian army!
Honour and glory to Armenian nation that confidently makes its future!

Samvel Karapetyan
The Head of the Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters
Major General of Defense Army