Congratulatory Address of Major-General Samvel Karapetyan in connection with the Motherhood and Beauty Day

Dear women, mothers and sisters,
During the centuries being the keeper and pillar of the native hearth Armenian women also manage to make invaluable contribution to the defence, development and strengthening of the native country, educating and upbringing the younger generation.
I especially want to render homage to all the women who gave their lives for the liberty of Motherland.
Indeed, the motherhood and beauty were always the source of hope, faith and inspiration supporting us both in peace and war.
Dear women, mothers and sisters, I extend my heartfelt congratulations on the Motherhood and Beauty Day.
You have a unique mission and role in our lives. With your active participation we have been able to gain victories in the battlefield and today build our country and make it prosperous.
I once again congratulate you on this magnificent holiday and wish you peace, robust health, happiness and all the best.

The Head of the Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters

Major-General of Defense Army

Samvel Karapetyan