Words of Gratitude of Major General  Samvel Karapetyan to the Family of the First degree Battle Cross order bearer  Onik Grigoryan

Dear compatriots,
Today’s motherland defenders continue the saint duty of their fathers by defending the security of the state. They are the devotees for whom the native land is holiness and national value.
One of such devotees was Onik Grigoryan who didn’t save even his young life for our Motherland. His patriotism he inherited from his ancestors. April war once again convinced us that we are invincible when we are united. Installing the bust of Onik Grigoryan in the yard of the secondary school of Ivanyan confirm the truth that every inch of the territory of Artsakh Republic is sanctuary liberated due to hard struggle and exemplary devotion of our heroes.
The opening of the bust of Onik Grigoryan is, indeed, a striking illustration of our will and spirit. His character is the best example of patriotism and devotion for the pupils.
On behalf of the Administration of the Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters, I express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the family and teachers of Onik Grigoryan for upbringing such a patriot.
Honour and glory to the devoted and brave freedom fighters.
Honour and glory to the heroes who gave their lives for the liberty and independence of our Motherland.

The Head of the Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters

Major-General of Defence Army

Samvel Karapetyan