Words of Gratitude of Major General Samvel Karapetyan on the occasion of 50th birthday Anniversary of Freedom Fighter Davit Beglaryan

Dear compatriots, the devotee of Artsakh war Davit Beglaryan would have turned 50 today but unfortunately he was perished for the liberty and independence of Motherland saving the native country and liberating Artsakh.

It is truly said,“Davit Beglaryan chose hard and honorary way because more than his life he loved his Motherland.”

He had a heroic life which is an important lesson for the next generations and the best way of their military-patriotic education.

Let us bow our heads in memory of our martyrs.They didn’t save even their young lives for the independence and freedom of our country.

Indeed, “the power of our nation is its spirit. A true hero is a hero of spirit.”

On behalf of the Administration of the Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters, I express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the family and teachers of Davit Beglaryan as well as to community of Khndzristan for upbringing such a patriot.

Honour and glory to the devoted and brave freedom fighters.

Honour and glory to the heroes who gave their lives for the liberty and independence of our Motherland.

The Head of the Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters

Major-General of Defence Army

Samvel Karapetyan