27 years since the Hero Passed

27 years ago, on August 24, one of the veterans of the Artsakh liberation struggle, Ashot Ghulyan, the hero of the Artsakh war, was martyred. He was a devotee of Artsakh liberation war and was one of the first soldiers of movement. Being a worker from Stepanakert, he dedicated himself to the movement for self-determination of Artsakh since the late 1980s.

Ashot realized the inevitability of war since the first days of the movement and was convinced that without a weapon we will not succeed.  He was leader and a faithful brother for his soldiers.

Bekor  who was wounded 11 times, had numerous fragments in the body.

He was one of the few individuals who realized from the very first day of the movement that we would only redeem our rights by force of arms. With the support of his comrades, he began to make homemade weapons.

In 1991 he was the commander of the first battalion in Stepanakert, and under his leadership, the battalion performed extraordinary deeds at the hottest fronts of the war.

The hero fought in a number of battles in Askeran, Hadrut, Shahumyan, Karkijahan, Verin Shen, Dashalty, Lachin and several others. The most important operation, of course, was the liberation of Shushi. On the night of May 7, Bekor was the first to approach the fortress and the first to enter the fortress at dawn.

Ashot was dreaming to travel by ship and to see how Armenians all over the world were leaving. Unfortunately, the dream never came true.

The hero’s younger son, who was born after his father’s death, bears the name of Bekor…

Today  the school №2 in Stepanakert is named after Ashot Ghulyan.