Appreciation Letter of Major-General Samvel Karapetyan to the Rector of Shushi University of Technology Mr. Hovhannes Tokmajyan

Dear Mr. Tokmajyan,

Highly appreciating your virtuous conduct and patriotic activity of your university the Administration of the Union of Artsakh freedom fighters   expresses its gratitude  for your support and generous human attitude.

Indeed, charity is also patriotism which was initiated by our ancestors and reinforced by the devotees of the Artsakh struggle.

Your  contribution as well as the contribution of lecturers of your university to the education of the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism is great and exceptional.

Our cooperation is important especially in the sense that both you and us always underline  an important role of younger generation in the defence and development of our homeland.

As great Nzhdeh has said, patriotic upbringing is the anchor of our salvation. For these human missions we must raise a torch in our souls, in our schools, in our homes…

I wish You robust health and great successes for the benefit of our Motherland and the Armenian people.

Let the success always accompany you.