Oath-taking ceremony

On February 8, a solemn event was organized at the Stepanakert Memorial Complex dedicated to the oath-taking ceremony of soldiers of the Defence Army of Artsakh Republic. The representatives of the Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters headed by Chief of Staff Eduard Khachatryan, had come to congratulate the conscripts on this important occasion.

It is a new opportunity to serve Homeland for Soldiers which is a responsibility, a debt that must be fulfilled only with love.

The new generation of Motherland defenders vowed to be law-abiding soldiers and stand for the values our fathers and grandfathers fought for.

During the event Eduard Khachatryan, Chief of Staff of the Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters, published a congratulatory message of the Head of the Union, First Commander of the military unit, Major General Samvel Karapetyan. The address runs as follows:

“Indeed, you will continue your service in a military unit that has passed the glorious martial route, from Omar to Arax, taking part in all the defensive and offensive operations, building desirable victories for the Nation.

Today there will be another historical page in the history of the military unit — your sacred oath. ”

It is the duty of every Armenian soldier to serve the Motherland and ensure the safety of the people. You have inherited from your grandfathers the power and dedication to the Homeland. In your veins you have the blood of Andranik, Nzhdeh, who knew how to fight for the salvation of the Motherland.

“We are proud that the Defence Army has a daily shift,”-said Eduard Khachatryan, Chief of Staff of the Union of Artsakh Freedom Fighters, adding that the generation of independence will honour its duty.